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It would be completely wrong if my first post was about anything else. I cannot imagine Building the Best Life without God as the foundation. Believe me I have tried both ways.

I have spent most of my life trying. Trying to do everything… trying to be happy, trying to lose weight, trying to pay bills, trying to keep everyone else happy, you get what I mean right? It wasn’t until it felt like my entire world was crumbling around me and I couldn’t fix it or control it and had know where else to turn that I learned the most important thing I will share here. TRUST GOD. When I finally gave control to God I was amazed at the unbelievable changes that began to happen in my life. Everything certainly wasn’t perfect but even through some of the hardest days I felt a peace that I had never known. God has an amazing plan for my life as he does each an every one of us. The problem was I kept getting in his way. One day I will share what brought me here to this place. For now I would like to share this website with you. Please take the time to watch some of these amazing films from people who have also learned the secret to Building the Best Life

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