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PIZZA SALAD!! One slice can absolutely be enough




Pizza has always been a challenge for me. I am a volume eater and I LOVE pizza. That combo can be a killer for the waistline for sure. But giving up pizza? I don’t think so. Tried a couple different tricks… Ordering a salad with my pizza thinking it would fill me up… would usually wind up eating the salad and at least 4 slices of pizza. I love salad but when I’m eating pizza I want pizza and the salad becomes like a job or something I have to do. Another thing I tried was cutting a slice up into little pieces… problem there is I could do that with 4 or 5 slices real easy.

One day someone mentioned putting pizza on my salad. Sounded pretty weird but one thing I always say you don’t know if it works till you try it. Guess what? It totally worked!!! One slice and I am completely satisfied both physically and mentally. The salad fills me up and every bite tastes like pizza


Grab your favorite slice and make a nice big salad

cut pizza into bite size pieces and add to salad

cut pizza into bite size pieces and add to salad


Add your favorite toppings

Add your favorite toppings


I love balsamic vinegar and red pepper flakes and sometimes a little parmesan cheese



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