It’s hard enough during the rest of the year to make healthy choices but during the holiday season it almost seems impossible… or at least it use to to me. It is an incredibly busy time of year (and much of the rest of the year I already feel overwhelmed and short on time), my emotions are usually all over the place, there are so many more social occasions and ┬átempting foods everywhere! Oh and lets not forget the eggnog and other adult beverages. Almost every job I have ever had demands more time and energy during these months and I would just say “Screw it! This is just to hard and I will deal with it in January”. January would come sometimes I would deal with it and sometimes I wouldn’t but it wouldn’t be long and then summer would be here and I always thought summer was to hard too.

Once I got serious about my weight and eventually my health I realized that this was something I had to change. Giving up at the holidays had become as much a tradition as all of the other holiday traditions. I didn’t think it was possible to enjoy the holidays and be on “a diet” and the thought of the holidays coming when I first started my journey terrified me.

It took some time and many trials and many errors but I now look forward to the holidays and know that I can enjoy them and be healthy at the same time.

One thing that works really well for me is not putting huge expectations on myself. I don’t go in expecting to lose weight. I know I will indulge and I’m happy with maintaining or maybe being up a pound or two.

I plan indulgences and enjoy every sip or bite! Some things are just so worth it but I have learned is everything isn’t.

I regularly remind myself WHY this is important to me

I make sure I stay close with the “people that get it”

In social events I try to focus on the reason I am there and not the food

I make time for fitness by scheduling it in. For me it is less about the calorie burn and more about managing my emotions

One of the things that has helped quiet a bit is focusing less on what makes it so hard and more on what will make it easier for me. Nope, I didn’t say easy because I can’t say it is easy but being overweight and sick all year is not easy either. I have come up with many strategies over the years to manage certain situations and make sure I use them and don’t try to rely on will power. I don’t have much will power and even less at this time of year.

What I try to think of most in this season of giving is my family. I try to remember every choice I make affects them, maybe not right in that moment but one day it will. With each choice I make I am either increasing or decreasing my chances of the length of time I am here to love and care for them. With each choice I am also increasing or decreasing the chances that they will have to spend their time caring for me. I try to look at every good choice I make as a gift I am giving to those I love.


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