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Why I Love my Air Fryer

Have to say this is one of the best purchases I have made for my kitchen. So many things I love about my air fryer. I hesitated for a while but started to hear some good feed back. When I finally took the plunge I bought the smaller size but in no time passed it down to my daughter and went for the big one.

I’m able to enjoy many of the foods I enjoy without the all the fat and calories

I haven’t indulged in Fried Calamari in years!

One of the reasons I held off on buying one was the fact that I really don’t eat much fried food anymore but this thing cooks just about everything.

I have roast veggies (asparagus comes out fantastic!), an entire chicken, ribs a pork roast and chops, pineapple and made my little apple pies. It also cooks a mean porterhouse steak!

Cooks things so much faster then an oven and no need to wait 10 to 15 minutes to preheat.

Heats up leftovers in minutes! So much tastier then the microwave

I am not a big baker but the option is there and I may play around with it sooner or later

Clean up is so easy! I use my little smiley face sponge but it can be tossed right in the dish washer.

Looking forward to the summer and being able to make many of the things I would normally not make because I don’t want to heat up the house by turning the oven on. I usually bring my Ninja 3 in 1 cooker with me but I am definitely planning on bringing this guy with me to the beach this year as well.

 A big concern for me especially when I was thinking about going with the larger one was space (I have a little kitchen with not a lot of counter space) But its really not much bigger then my coffee pot

I use it 5 out of 7 days a week and many times more then once in a day so it has a permanent spot on the counter.

I love this one and chose it because it was there and on sale. The smaller one I had was a different brand and worked just as well, My daughter and her fiance are still enjoying it. I have really not heard any bad reviews on any of them. Both of the ones I got came with a small cookbook with ideas and some cook times to get me started. The internet is loaded with recipes and ideas and really I have just been playing with it and trying different things.

One thing I did do was purchase some silicone trivets to keep the basket from rubbing and scraping up the bottom when shaking it

I Absolutely LOOOVE french fries so I guess that would be my favorite thing about it. Perfect French fries in less then 20 minutes

So if you have been thinking about it I say GO FOR IT!!!

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Is it worth it? Why not interview your food

A few years ago in Weight Watchers we talked about interviewing our food. At first I thought it was a little silly but it is is something that has really stuck with me and helped me figure out what foods are worth it and what aren’t. Here are some of my go to questions.

When will I see you again?

Do you taste as good as you look?

Will I be able to stop once I start eating you?

How many points are you?

Can I afford you today?

Why do I really want you?

Will I regret you later?

How will I feel after I eat you?

and one I just added to the list…

Are you going to get me closer to or further from my goal?

This strategy has really helped me manage many Holidays, events and parties and I encourage you to give it a shot. Come up the the questions that make a difference to you. If nothing else it could definitely make you more mindful but if you stick with it it could become a habit be a real game changer for you



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PIZZA SALAD!! One slice can absolutely be enough




Pizza has always been a challenge for me. I am a volume eater and I LOVE pizza. That combo can be a killer for the waistline for sure. But giving up pizza? I don’t think so. Tried a couple different tricks… Ordering a salad with my pizza thinking it would fill me up… would usually wind up eating the salad and at least 4 slices of pizza. I love salad but when I’m eating pizza I want pizza and the salad becomes like a job or something I have to do. Another thing I tried was cutting a slice up into little pieces… problem there is I could do that with 4 or 5 slices real easy.

One day someone mentioned putting pizza on my salad. Sounded pretty weird but one thing I always say you don’t know if it works till you try it. Guess what? It totally worked!!! One slice and I am completely satisfied both physically and mentally. The salad fills me up and every bite tastes like pizza


Grab your favorite slice and make a nice big salad

cut pizza into bite size pieces and add to salad

cut pizza into bite size pieces and add to salad


Add your favorite toppings

Add your favorite toppings


I love balsamic vinegar and red pepper flakes and sometimes a little parmesan cheese



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