Last week I was asked if I felt guilty for feeding my family the foods I eat. My answer right away was no not at all and for a second I thought what a strange question. I thought quite a bit about it this weekend and realized a lot has changed for me from the time I started this final weight loss journey. When I first joined weight watchers I did make different meals for my family then myself (what an enormous pain by the way!). At that point I was trying to figure out me and how to make the changes I needed to make and truthfully at that time it was just about losing weight. But I was learning about food and that it made more of a difference then what size pants I was wearing. I began to make them the same meals I was eating and let’s face it I wasn’t feeding them cardboard. To be able to stay on track myself I needed food that I would enjoy so the food I was feeding them was food, it just wasn’t food loaded with sugar and fat (and those foods by the way were the ones that wound up sending me through the door at WW in the first place.)

The change was an adjustment for sure in the beginning. My daughter is married now and I love when they tell me they are having friends over for Pizza Salad or they are having Big Mac Salads for dinner and when they ask me to make them lasagna soup. My granddaughter and I still have fun with food and create memories in the kitchen. We cook together all the time. We make zoodles and kodiak donuts and she loves the pancakes too.  I am hoping they won’t have to go down the same road I did and learn the hard way. My husband is over 50 and battling a smoking addiction and I want him around for a very long time. The smoking is setting him up for problems I know and I am hoping I am at least helping a little by giving him healthy meals.

So I guess in the beginning I felt uncomfortable and maybe even a little guilty for keeping them from the foods they had always enjoyed or that they may be missing out. But ask me today and I feel not one ounce of guilt I actually would feel guilty feeding them unhealthy foods. Today I feel like I am contributing to saving their lives.


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