In early summer 2008 after a routine Doctor visit I began a weight loss journey to keep from having to take blood pressure and cholesterol pills. She gave me 3 months to lose at least 30 pounds and quit smoking and I did it and pretty quickly. I actually had set a higher goal for myself and wound us losing 60 pounds. I have an all or nothing personality so for that time I focused on weight loss and not much else. Problem was when I got “done” I went right back to doing what I always had and the weight began to come right back on. This was the beginning of what has been an amazing journey for me. What I have learned is my life has everything to do with my weight and that Building the best life is the best way to manage my weight. In these past years I have faced many challenges and made many changes. My faith in Jesus has become the foundation of everything. Life is not perfect but I am in a much better place then I ever could have imagined.  I am a wife a mother a daughter a sister and a friend and I hope that sharing a little of myself will help on your journey to your best life

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